Gujarat: APL-1 cardholders also to get free grains, pulses, sugar: Vijay Rupani

Gujarat: APL-1 cardholders also to get free grains, pulses, sugar: Vijay Rupani

Breaking news : One more sensitive decision of the Gujarat Govt: After BPL and APL, now the APL-5 category forced the people to suffer at the time of lockdown for the APC-coded population: This category is a major consequence of their happy ending.

After providing free food to the families of the poor during the lockdown in the fight against the Congress in Gujrat, now the APL-4 category will continue to attract even the most unemployed people.

This was an important decision taken at a Cabinet meeting held today at the video conference of the Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. Vijaybhai said that the first Gujrat in the country has given BPL and APL families a charge of any kind in the first week of the current month. There are still millions of people who do not use a BPL or APL card due to the lockdown situation, and they have an APL-2 card. But there are strong income earners and marginalized and middle class people.

They too have decided to give 5 kg wheat, 2 kg rice, 2 kg pulses and 5 kg sugar in the coming days. These are the cases that do not fall under the National Food Security Scheme, but the assistance provided to them today is only a matter of state education. The Chief Minister said that this decision has been taken by Gujarat Government. In the coming days, these families will be given fixed cereal grains and sugar, whose health will now be known.

The Chief Minister said that there are hundreds of families in the APL-5 card in the state who are happily prosperous and they do not have any problem in the current situation even with the help of the state government. They express their sympathy for the tribes. All the schemes, including these grains, have to be borne by the state government itself. And it is our resolve not to starve any of the community, so we hope that all of them will cooperate.

Delivery to five APL-1 card holders from Monday: Work will be completed by April 18.

From 13th April 2020, the government has decided to distribute free food grains to the state’s APL-I, 60 lakh card holders free of cost from 17 thousand government-approved cheap grain shops. However, such families will have to carry Aadhaar card with APL1 card as proof of identity. The distribution of these grains will be completed in the next five days from April 13 to April 17, said Ashwin Kumar, the Principal Secretary.

Aware of the government’s decision in the press conference, Ashwini Kumar said that the state’s cheap grain shoppers will have to maintain a full accounting of the distribution of APL1. Also, the distribution of cereals will be done through the Strager system for which it has been decided that if the last digit of the beneficiary’s ration card is 1 or 2, the beneficiary will be able to go to the cheap grain shop on April 13.

Similarly, if there are 3 or 4 digits, then they will be able to supply their supply on April 14, 5 or 6 digits on 15 April, 7 or 8 digits on April 16 and 9K0 on April 17. On the other hand, the distribution of food grains will be distributed in a systematic manner by the Gram Sevak Koli Talati and firemen committee per shop at the cheap grain shops in urban and rural areas at the time of grain distribution.

It is worth mentioning that, Ashwini Kumar said that the entire area will be completed within five days and it is desirable to visit the shop on the scheduled day but due to the necessary circumstances no beneficiary can go to supply on the scheduled day. Beneficiaries of such family will be able to go into the distribution of grain on April 18 as no beneficiary will be deprived of 18. It has been kept in the family who remained for an additional 18 days of April.

It is noteworthy that at this stage, Vijaybhai Rupani has appealed to the well-to-do families, saying that the families of the election have requested that the beneficiaries of the election be deprived of their benefits so that they can meet the needy people.

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