Breaking News : Lockdown across the country tonight from 12pm to 21 days: PM Modi

Lockdown across the country tonight from 12pm to 21 days: PM Modi

Lockdown across the country : Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the country once again on Tuesday evening amid the ever-increasing corona virus case in the country. PM Modi addresses his nation at 8 PM Importantly, on March 19, the Prime Minister addressed the country and announced a public curfew. The Prime Minister made the news on Twitter.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the country again
Talk about corona virus
21 days lockdown across country: PM Modi

PM Modi’s big announcement: Lockdown in the country for 3 weeks

PM Modi said that lockdown will take place across the country from 12 pm to 21 days tonight. This lockdown will last 21 days. This lockdown is a one-of-a-kind curfew. You forget what it takes to get out. It is our duty to save the lives of one citizen, think of those who are in treatment and in service.

21 days Important: PM Modi

India to be under complete lockdown for 21 days starting midnight: Narendra Modi. PM Modi on the Corona crisis said, “The next 21 days are important to us.” Health Experts believe that at least 21 days is a very important time to break the cycle of infection with the corona virus. If 21 days if we do not take precautions, the country will go back 21 years, millions of families will be ruined.

Corona: No exit on a road

PM Modi said, “My countrymen insist that no one should get out on the road within 21 days. He also showed a poster. In which it was written. Corona: No exit on a road.

A person infected with corona may look healthy at first but …

Stay at home, stay home and do the same thing or stay home. Friends, with today’s decision, a nationwide lockdown has drawn a target line at the door of their home. You have to remember that sometimes a person infected with corona may feel healthy at the beginning, not even know that she is infected. That’s why be careful, stay in your home.

PM Modi on Corona transition …

Think, it took 67 days to transmit one million people first and then it took only 11 days to reach 2 million people. It is even more scary that it took only four days to reach two million people infected and three million people.

The cycle of Corona’s transition has to be broken

There is no way to avoid Corona. If the corona is to stop spreading, then the transition cycle must be broken. What a corona-virus lockdown looks likes, and what you can do & what you can’t

coronavirus india : Country curfew made successful by the countrymen

The determination we made to the Janata Curfew on March 22, that every Indian has contributed, with full sensitivity, with full responsibility for its achievement as a nation. The countryman deserves thanks.

The number of positive cases of corona virus in the country has increased to over 500 and so far 10 have died. The lockdown was announced by the central and state governments, and curfew has been imposed in some states.

A total of 30 states including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar Gujarat have been completely locked down. Apart from this, strict action is being taken against the violators. And it is being said that people do not get out of the house.

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