Talati Exam 2023 Important Updates

Talati Exam 2023 : Talati examination has been organized across the state today. According to the details, 8.65 lakh candidates will appear at 2,694 centers in this Talati examination, which will be held for 3,437 posts. OJAS Gujarat Provides you All Details.

Talati Exam 2023 Important Updates

Talati Exam 2023

Videography will be performed at all the centers in this examination, which will be held from 12 and a half to 1:30 pm this afternoon. Along with this, carrying an electronic device is prohibited. Action will be taken under new law against the malpractices. Importantly, 17 lakh candidates had filled out the form for the Talati examination, after which 8.65 lakh candidates gave the confirmation of the exam.

Talati exams are to be held across the state today. For the first time in the state, 8.50 lakh forms have been filled for Talati examination. The examiners will have to enter the center at 11.55 pm. Complete preparations have been completed at the district, taluka level for the Talati examination. All facilities have been made to ensure that the candidates do not have any discomfort. There is a system of transport to reach the center. A helpline number has also been launched. The number of each division’s control room and command control room center will also be found. The school bus will also be run as a stage carriage.

Some important updates for the Talati Exam

  • Look at the people involved in the past in the paperlik
  • Railways put an additional 9 trains, GSRTC put 619 bus, 17, 500 bookings
  • Private and school buses are being operated
  • Candidates will be able to take a simple wristwatch
  • Electronic item can not be carried in the center
  • The candidate may not even carry any key
  • Videography will be performed at the time of admission of candidates at the center
  • Candidate videography will be done with a call letter
  • The suspected candidate will be questioned after paper
  • Boot shoes outside the classroom will have to be taken off
  • Legal action will be taken against them

All preparations have been finalized for the Talati examination. Candidates have been facilitated by many societies. The facilities are facilitated by the society and the organizations. Also, the railway will run an additional 9 trains for the Talati candidates. While ST corporation will also run an additional 4500 buses for the candidates. Private and school buses can also be operated.

Tantra is in alert mode for Talati examination in Gujarat. During the examination, a notification has been issued for the peace and peace in the vicinity of the center and the examiners can take the exam fearlessly and take the exam without misconduct in the full atmosphere and without any kind of temptation. According to which Xerox shops have been ordered to be closed during the examination this afternoon. Zerox shops have been ordered to be closed around the examination center.

Loud Speaker Banning on Playing

Apart from this, outsiders have been banned from outside 100 meters of the examination center. In addition, more than four people have been banned. Playing loudspeakers around the examination center has been banned. Excavation has been banned for losing power supply. Action will be taken against the violator of the notification. Electric equipment, smart watch and ear phones have been banned.

Banning to carry these items in the exam

Electric items such as mobile phones, pagers, electric diaries, smart watches, Bluetooths, earphones, cameras, laptops, etc. have also been banned at the examination day of the exam.

Procedures will be taken for breaking the notification

On the occasion of the obstacle to the peace and writing work of the examiners, the purpose of stealing or conducting the examination site on the day of the examination, taking other literature, slip, Xerox copies, at the centers/ shops in the restricted area, On the day of the Xerox Machine Examination, on the day of 9:00 to 15:00 in the morning. Has been banned. Besides, the ban will not apply to the police force on duty, homeguard employees, officers and employees called on duty following the examination. The person who violates this order will be subject to punishment for violating the declaration.

More than 8 lakh candidates will give the exam!

More than 8 lakh students are likely to be present in the Talati examination to be held today. An important decision has been made for the candidates. Accordingly, the administrators of the school-college buses and private bus administrators can manage the bus by collecting the fare of the Express bus of ST Corporation. As you can tell, Harsh Sanghvi held a meeting with the high officials of the Department of Vehicles to ensure that the candidates do not have difficulty in going to the exam center.

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Updated: May 7, 2023 — 9:55 am

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