Preparation of framework for offline and online examination by SP University

Preparation of framework for offline and online examination by SP University

Education has been hit the hardest by the global epidemic of Kovid 12. Even after the guidelines of the central government and UGC, many universities are still facing many challenges for the exams. At that time, even in the midst of the challenges posed by the Kovid 12 epidemic, the examination was successfully organized by Vallabh Vidyanagar-based SP University with a strategy. In which, instead of starting the examination together, the examination started offline and online by dividing into different parts, so far 80% of the PG subjects have been completed and it is planned to complete all the PG examinations by the end of August.

Dr. Shirish Kulkarni, Vice Chancellor, SP University, said that it was decided to take the exam in different parts as a large number of students are likely to gather for the exam as before. Under which the examination was started in the month of July. The PG examination is currently being conducted by the university in which the examination of the Faculty of Science is conducted online and the examination of the Faculty of Arts is conducted offline at the examination hall of the University, Gyanodaya. Examination of subjects with low number of students was first started. Software developed by the university, Google Forms and Google Meet etc. are being used for online exams. Mock test of students is also taken before the online exam so that the student does not feel any discomfort or confusion during the exam. Even in the online exam, the student is sitting for the exam at any place but the university keeps an eye on him. So that there is no scope for any irregularity even during the online exam. For the offline examination, it is easy to take the examination as there is a Gyanodaya Bhavan with seating arrangements for students in addition to the university’s thirteen. Students are admitted to the examination room only after first checking their body temperature, oxygen level etc. in the offline examination.

The examination center in Valasan was shifted to the school

Examinations were also being conducted at the center at Valasan but one of the staff of the Valasan center tested positive for corona and the university immediately made arrangements for the examiners at the school located at Valasan. He also went to the center on Friday and inspected the arrangements made for the examination.

I was shocked when I checked the student who did not login

Not all the students were logged in for the exams being conducted by the university and they were being contacted on mobile phones. When a student’s mobile phone was received by his father, the guardian was shocked to learn that the student had died due to corona just before the exam.

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