Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2023 Apply Online 350 Navik, Yantrik Posts

1. Introduction to the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2023

The Indian Coast Guard is a Govt maritime law enforcement agency responsible for protecting Indian territorial waters and enforcing maritime laws. As part of their ongoing efforts to strengthen their force, the Indian Coast Guard has announced the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2023, inviting applications for the positions of Navik and Yantrik. These positions offer an exciting opportunity for individuals interested in serving the nation and contributing to maritime security. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the recruitment process, eligibility criteria, application guidelines, selection procedure, and preparation tips for aspiring candidates. Whether you aspire to become a Navik or a Yantrik, this article aims to equip you with the necessary information to navigate the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2023 successfully. OJAS Gujarat Provides to you all Notification and Detail.

1. Introduction to the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2023

Total Vacancy: 350

Vacancy Details
Post Name Qualification Total
Navik (General Duty) 10+2 with Maths & Physics 260
Navik (Domestic Branch) 10th Class 30
Yantrik (Mechanical) 10th Class, Diploma (Electrical/ Mech / Electronics &
Telecommunication (Radio/Power) Engg)
Yantrik (Electrical) 20
Yantrik (Electronics) 15

The Indian Coast Guard is a prestigious organization responsible for safeguarding India’s maritime interests. As part of their recruitment process, they have announced vacancies for the positions of Navik and Yantrik. If you have always dreamt of serving your country and have a passion for the sea, this is an excellent opportunity for you to join the Indian Coast Guard.

1.1 Background of Indian Coast Guard

The Indian Coast Guard was established in 1978 as an independent armed force of India. Its primary role is to protect the maritime interests of the country, including the enforcement of maritime laws, search and rescue operations, and ensuring the safety and security of India’s waters.

1.2 Purpose of Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2023

The Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2023 aims to find eligible and dedicated individuals to join their force as Navik and Yantrik. These positions require specialized skills and expertise to carry out various duties and responsibilities efficiently. By recruiting suitable candidates, the Indian Coast Guard ensures the continued protection and security of India’s maritime borders.

2. Overview of Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2023

Navik and Yantrik Positions


2.1 Role and Responsibilities of Navik

As a Navik, you will play a vital role in the Indian Coast Guard’s operations. Your responsibilities may include patrolling the maritime borders, carrying out search and rescue missions, operating and maintaining small boats, and assisting in anti-smuggling operations. You will be a crucial member of the team, ensuring the safety and security of the Indian coastline.

2.2 Role and Responsibilities of Yantrik

Yantrik is another important position within the Indian Coast Guard. As a Yantrik, you will be responsible for operating and maintaining the technical equipment and machinery on board the Coast Guard vessels. Your expertise will be crucial in ensuring the smooth functioning of the machinery and equipment, contributing to the overall operational efficiency of the Indian Coast Guard.

2.3 Difference between Navik and Yantrik Positions

While both Navik and Yantrik positions are integral parts of the Indian Coast Guard, there are some key differences between the two. Navik primarily involves patrolling and maintaining the security of the coastline, while Yantrik focuses on the technical aspects of operating and maintaining equipment. Depending on your skills and interests, you can choose the position that aligns best with your abilities.

3. Eligibility Criteria for Navik and Yantrik Posts


3.1 Age Limit and Relaxations

To be eligible for the Navik and Yantrik positions, candidates must be between 18 and 22 years of age. However, certain relaxations are applicable for reserved categories and other special cases. It is essential to check the official recruitment notification for specific age relaxation criteria.

3.2 Educational Qualifications

Candidates applying for the Navik position must have passed their 10+2 examination with Mathematics and Physics as compulsory subjects. For the Yantrik position, applicants must have a Diploma in Electrical/Mechanical/Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. It is crucial to meet the educational requirements to be considered for these positions.

3.3 Physical Fitness Requirements

Physical fitness is a crucial aspect of joining the Indian Coast Guard. Candidates must meet specific physical fitness standards, including height, weight, and chest measurements. These requirements ensure that individuals are physically capable of performing the duties and responsibilities of Navik and Yantrik positions.

3.4 Reservation Criteria

Reservation criteria for Navik and Yantrik positions are based on the Indian government’s guidelines. Certain seats are reserved for candidates from Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC), and Economically Weaker Sections (EWS). Candidates belonging to these categories should check the official recruitment notification for specific reservation details.

4.Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2023

Application Process and Guidelines


4.1 Online Application Procedure

Important Links
Last Date Extended (22-09-2023) Click Here
Apply Online (08-09-2023)
Click Here
Application Mode
Official Website
Click Here

The application process for Navik and Yantrik positions is conducted online. Candidates need to visit the official website of the Indian Coast Guard and fill out the application form with accurate information. It is crucial to read and understand the instructions carefully before proceeding with the online application.

4.2 Application Fee and Payment Modes

During the online application process, candidates may be required to pay an application fee as specified in the recruitment notification. The fee can be paid through various online payment modes such as credit/debit cards, net banking, or e-wallets. Make sure to keep the transaction details and payment receipt for future reference.

4.3 Document Submission Requirements

Along with the online application, candidates will be required to submit certain documents for verification purposes. These may include educational certificates, identification proof, caste certificate (if applicable), and other relevant documents. It is essential to have these documents readily available and submit them as per the instructions provided.

4.4 Tips for Filling out the Application Form

While filling out the application form, make sure to double-check all the information entered to avoid any errors or discrepancies. It is advisable to keep a copy of the filled application form for future reference. Additionally, carefully review the instructions provided in the recruitment notification to ensure compliance with all requirements.

Remember, the Indian Coast Guard is a prestigious organization that offers an opportunity to serve the nation while working in an exciting and challenging environment. If you meet the eligibility criteria and have the required qualifications, don’t miss this chance to be part of the Indian Coast Guard as a Navik or Yantrik. Good luck with your application!

5. Selection Procedure for Indian Coast Guard Recruitment

5.1 Written Examination

The first step in the selection process for Indian Coast Guard Recruitment is a written examination. This examination tests the candidates’ knowledge in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, and General Knowledge. It is important to study and understand the syllabus thoroughly to perform well in this exam.

5.2 Physical Fitness Test

After clearing the written examination, candidates need to pass the Physical Fitness Test. This test assesses the candidates’ physical fitness level and includes events like running, push-ups, and sit-ups. It is essential to maintain a good level of physical fitness by exercising and staying active to excel in this test.

5.3 Medical Examination

Candidates who pass the Physical Fitness Test are then required to undergo a medical examination. This examination ensures that the candidates are medically fit and meet the required health standards for the job. It is important to take care of one’s health and seek medical advice if needed to clear this examination.

5.4 Final Merit List and Selection

Based on the performance in the written examination, physical fitness test, and medical examination, a final merit list is prepared. The candidates who make it to the merit list are then selected for the Navik and Yantrik posts in the Indian Coast Guard. It is crucial to give your best in all stages of the selection process to secure a position in the final merit list.

6. Syllabus and Exam Pattern for Navik and Yantrik Exams

6.1 Section-wise Syllabus for Written Examination

To excel in the written examination, candidates must be well-versed with the syllabus. The syllabus includes topics like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, and General Knowledge. It is recommended to study each subject thoroughly and focus on understanding the core concepts to perform well in this exam.

6.2 Marking Scheme and Exam Duration

Understanding the marking scheme and exam duration is crucial for effective exam preparation. The written examination usually consists of multiple-choice questions, and each correct answer is awarded a certain number of marks. The exam duration is usually a few hours. It is important to manage time efficiently and allocate sufficient time to each section of the exam.

6.3 Previous Year Question Papers and Study Materials

Studying previous year question papers and using relevant study materials can be highly beneficial for exam preparation. Solving previous year papers helps in understanding the exam pattern and familiarizing oneself with the type of questions asked. Additionally, referring to recommended study materials can provide valuable insights and enhance overall preparation.

7. Preparation Tips for Navik and Yantrik Examinations


7.1 Creating a Study Plan and Time Management

Preparing a study plan and effectively managing time is essential for success in the Navik and Yantrik examinations. Devote sufficient time to each subject according to its weightage in the syllabus. Break down the study material into daily or weekly targets to ensure systematic preparation.

7.2 Recommended Books and Online Resources

Choosing the right books and leveraging online resources can greatly aid in exam preparation. Consult the recommended study material and books that cover the Navik and Yantrik exam syllabus comprehensively. Additionally, make use of online resources like video tutorials, practice quizzes, and mock tests to enhance understanding and revision.

7.3 Practicing Mock Tests and Solving Sample Papers

Regularly practicing mock tests and solving sample papers can significantly improve exam performance. Mock tests help in evaluating one’s preparation and identifying strengths and weaknesses. They also provide a real exam-like experience and improve time management skills. Solving sample papers enhances familiarity with the exam pattern and boosts confidence.

7.4 Physical Fitness Training and Tips

Preparing for the physical fitness test is equally important as studying for the written examination. Engage in regular physical fitness training, focusing on endurance, strength, and flexibility. Incorporate activities like running, push-ups, and sit-ups into your fitness routine. Additionally, maintain a healthy lifestyle and get sufficient rest for optimal physical performance.

Remember, preparation is key to succeeding in the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment for Navik and Yantrik posts. Approach your studies with dedication, stay motivated, and make use of the available resources. Good luck!In conclusion, the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2023 presents a promising opportunity for individuals seeking a career in maritime law enforcement. By following the outlined eligibility criteria, application process, and preparation tips, aspiring candidates can increase their chances of securing a position as a Navik or Yantrik. The Indian Coast Guard plays a crucial role in safeguarding the nation’s coastal areas and ensuring maritime security. If you are passionate about serving the nation and are ready to take on the challenges of a career in the Indian Coast Guard, seize this opportunity and apply for the Navik or Yantrik posts. Your dedication and commitment to this noble profession will contribute to the safety and protection of Indian waters.



1. What is the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2023?

The Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2023 is a recruitment drive conducted by the Indian Coast Guard to fill the positions of Navik and Yantrik. It presents an opportunity for eligible candidates to join the Indian Coast Guard and contribute to maritime security.

2. What are the eligibility criteria for Navik and Yantrik positions?

To be eligible for the Navik and Yantrik positions, candidates must meet certain criteria, including age limit, educational qualifications, and physical fitness requirements. The specific eligibility requirements are outlined in the recruitment notification and must be carefully reviewed before applying.

3. How can I apply for the Navik and Yantrik posts?

The application process for the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2023 is conducted online. Candidates need to visit the official website, fill out the application form, and submit it along with the required documents. Detailed instructions and guidelines for the application process can be found in the official recruitment notification.

4. What is the selection procedure for the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment?

The selection procedure involves a written examination, physical fitness test, and medical examination. Candidates who successfully pass these stages will be included in the final merit list for selection. The detailed selection process, including the syllabus and exa

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