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Gujarat 11th Science Admission Form after 10th Exam Result 2017

Gujarat 11th Science Admission Form after 10th Exam Result 2017

After the announcement of the standard 10, tomorrow, the central admission process will be started on the basis of class XII science from 30th standard. The form for admission in each school will be distributed from the beginning of the 30th day. After the distribution of the school, every school will send a merit list by June 5 and send it to the school development complex. The academic session will start in the schools of science from June 21.

Admission Form after 10th Exam Result 2017

Ahmedabad City District Education Officer and Ahmedabad Rural District Education Officer were held today with the principal of Ahmedabad city and rural schools of class 11-12, and principals were asked to comply with all the rules by issuing instructions and instructions on the central admission process of science.

The detailed program and rules of central admission process have been announced by the DEO today. Accordingly, the central admission process will be started from tomorrow till 30th March. For admission in more than 200 science schools in Ahmedabad city and rural areas, the central entrance process for this school will be done accordingly. Each school will be formally distributing the price of Rs.5 from tomorrow.

Every school has to have a form price of Rs. 5. According to the format prescribed by DEO in each school, according to the marks obtained from the first 300, 500 and 600, merit list will be prepared and sent to the school development complex by June 5.

After the merit list is declared, the list of students paying the fees by June 10 will be sent to the school development complex. Each school will have the first, second and third list to be announced, the third list will be announced. The third list will be sent till June 12. Each school has its 40 and other 10 schools Students will have to login.

When the minority school will have 46 students in their school and 20 from another school, they will have to enter. No more than a fixed number will be able to enter the school.

For students who do not get admission in any of the reserved category, the form will be filled in 8 schools decided by DEO for the 14th and 15th days. Every school will have to start an academic session on 21st June. There are 16 thousand science seats in Ahmedabad city and Granny schools.

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